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Become an Ironworker.

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Earn money while obtaining job skills that will make you economically competitive, while building the foundation of a prosperous and fulfilling career.

The Ironworkers apprenticeship is a well-organized training program that equips people with little or no knowledge of the craft to become highly skilled journeymen Ironworkers, qualified in all segments of the trade.

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Local 22 Apprenticeship

learn while you earn


$21.27/hour - $35.45/hour starting pay

Year one

$44,000 - $57,000 + Benefits

year two

$51,000 - $67,000 + Benefits

year three

$58,000 - $76,000 + Benefits

year four

$66,000 - $86,000 + Benefits

total Earnings

$219,000 - $286,000 + Benefits

4 Years Work Experience

      4-Year INDIANA Public College

pay while you learn


$11,500 - $26,000 per year

year one

$11,500 - $26,000 per year

year two

$11,500 - $26,000 per year

year three

$11,500 - $26,000 per year

year four

$11,500 - $26,000 per year

total debt

$46,000 - $104,000 (In The Hole)

0 Years Work Experience

Best in the INdustry

Being an Ironworker takes a certain kind of toughness only the best of the best can achieve.

Ironworkers feel a sense of pride in quality workmanship and not just meeting but exceeding industry standards. We are committed to training our members to be the most skilled and safest craftsmen and women in the industry.


What You need to apply

Qualifications to become an apprentice include a strong foundation of math and literacy skills.

  • High school diploma or Equivalency
  • Physically fit
  • Drug-free
  • Access to reliable transportation
  • Proof of citizenship or legal right to work in the U.S.

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If you’re thinking about becoming an Ironworker and want more information, reach out and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

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