a Message From Our President

On behalf of the over 1,300 members of Ironworkers Local #22, welcome to our new website. At Local #22, our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, safety and professionalism is unwavering. Across Indiana, we build safer, better and faster, embodying the strength and unity that defines what it means to be a union Ironworker.

We are a nation that has been built by steel, and by the men and women of the Ironworkers who erected it. Embodying that spirit, Local #22 Ironworkers have built their own legacy through work on projects such as Lucas Oil Stadium, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and many other iconic landmarks across Central Indiana.

We value our membership and we prioritize their development so that our Ironworkers stand apart as the most qualified in the workforce. Emphasizing an “Earn While You Learn” approach, when our apprentices become a journeyman, they will have earned an Associate’s Degree from Ivy Tech Community College and developed valuable skillsets and certifications that will differentiate them in the workforce – all while being paid and without accumulating debt.

It is this commitment to our membership, and to the contractors we partner with, that defines Ironworkers Local #22. We are proud the role that each of our members plays in shaping the landscape of our communities, literally and figuratively.

Thank you for your support and interest in Ironworkers Local #22. We are proud to build a better Indiana for generations to come.  

Yours truly,

Scott Hirtzel, President
Ironworkers Local #22

history of the ironworkers

Cowboys In the sky

In the late 1880s, steel had virtually replaced wood and stone as the primary load-carrying material in the erection of bridges and buildings. This abrupt change in structural materials brought about a demand for a new type of worker-bridgemen and architectural Ironworkers.

Ironworkers became known as "cowboys in the sky." As these daring, young, independent men aged and became husbands and providers, their thoughts turned to providing for their families during sickness, injury and death. By joining together, their voices became stonger, unified and heard.

Thus, the International Association of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers of America was established on February 4, 1896 by 16 delegates who attended our founding convention in Pittsburgh.


Business Manager
John Whitaker

Central Business Agent
Tim Klepper

Northern Business Agent (Lafayette)
Ernie Shepard

Western Business Agent (Terre Haute)
Jon Brian

Financial Secretary/Treasurer
Cody Bates

Scott Hirtzel

Vice President
Jeremiah Walters

Lucas Grabbe

Recording Secretary
Thomas James

Sergeant at Arms
Scott Hollen

Executive Board
Marty Brock
Ty Klepper
Nick Savory
Justin McCollum
Josh Weber

Mike Witham
Joe Kramer
Tyler Moore

Examination Board
Don Brewer
Joe Pool
Dale Johnson